Durian Fruit

Durian it’ s one of the most popular fruits in the Southeast Asia.cbb3eb_b787dc6dc211481394349709fc45c8d5

Many durian trees are large and can grow anywhere from 20 – 50 meters in height. There are ma ny different species and cultivars of durian, some with a more pungently distinct flavor while others are calmer and less strong.

The most distinct characteristic of any durian is its lethal thorny outer shell. Rather than a fruit, a durian looks more like a medieval war club – just one of the many reasons it’s so enchanting!

Wrapped within the dangerous exterior is soft creamy flesh that’s normally yellowish or cream in color and firm to soft depending on ripeness. Each pod of the fruit flesh is sectioned off in separate segments.

Durian is most notorious for is its smell.



What Does Durian Taste Like?

Heaven….Ok, not to everyone.No-durians-allowed-sign-009

To all the durian lovers, it tastes like sweet creamy butter. It’s like custard made from colostrum, smooth as silk, sweeter than honey, and searching for a bite is worth more than relaxing on a pristine beach in Zanzibar.

The riper the fruit , it can be a bit mushier, and even include a bitter tinge that’s absolutely delightful.

Some feel that durian has a repulsive flavor that falls somewhere in between a rotting carcass and blue cheese. The texture is what gets many, a mushiness that some find hard to stomach.



Ways to eat Durian

Here are the most common forms of eating durian .durian-for-ss-wordpress

1. Straight From the Shell

the best way to eat durian in its natural form.

2. Durian and Sticky Rice

One of the best Thai desserts, a bowl of sweet sticky rice topped with ripe durian and smothered in sweet coconut cream.

3. Durian Fruit Roll

Durian is preserved wrapped in a tube. The flavor is quite strong and the texture is about like sticky toothpaste.

4. Durian Chips (Crisps)bbb_1024x1024

Fried durian chips lose all their distinct durian flavor. If you find that you don’t like durian, you’ll probably enjoy durian chips; And if you do enjoy durian, you’ll like them too. They taste similar to fruity potato chips with no overwhelming flavor.

5. Durian Pastries

Durian cake and durian flavored pastries are common. They normally include real fruit puréed so they pack in some amazing durian power.


So there are no excuses… eating durian is one of the top things to do while you are in Phuket!!!